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secret tumblr doesn’t tell you #858483



Hey guys did you know

If you go to any tag on any blog and add /chrono to the end of the URL, it displays from first post to last, rather than showing the most recent first.

There is a God and her name is Leah.

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Okay so imagine you ask somebody to tell you a riddle. 

They turn to you and they say “the south pole.”

You say “what?”

They just repeat “the south pole!”

So you press them for some sort of explanation. They urge you to figure it out on your own, they say it’ll be better that way. They give you an hour to figure it out.

So you set to trying to figure it out, but every five minutes, they say something like “you still haven’t gotten it? It’s going to be great when you do!” or “but what do I mean by that?” or “don’t forget: the south pole!”

And then, the hour’s up, and you still have no idea what they mean. 

"Okay, are you ready for this?" They ask you. You say yes, and they say:

"Where can I build a house with four walls, all facing north?"

And of course, you reply “the south pole.”

Now, I imagine you’re pretty unsatisfied. You feel like, if you had been given the riddle to begin with, you would have had a lot of fun trying to figure it out

But instead, you were given the answer at the beginning, and it just feels like your friend just spent a full hour enjoying watching you squirm while you tried to figure out what the riddle was

And that’s the problem I have with how Steven Moffat constructs his seasons of Doctor Who

Oh my god.

It is perfect.

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Then there were three of us.

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COLOR MEME | Ten x RosePastels & Pale
— requested by anon

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so my sister just sat opposite David Tennant on the tube in London


I need to move to London ASAP

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«[36/50]» t-shirts of David Tennant

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Catherine Tate interviews David Tennant for Chain Reaction

Catherine: ‘Surely you remember Tamagotchi Heaven?’

David: ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

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So this happened. Me and Paul McGann. !!!

He genuinely is so lovely. He shook my hand and I said how lovely it was to meet him. I then blurted out that I thought he was amazing and loved him so much. (Why did those words come out without permission? How embarrassing) He got in close for the photo and I wrapped my arm around his waist (fyi, his jumper is so soft). And he said ‘Aww you’re so kind’ in response to my aforementioned profession of love, and then, THEN, he kissed my cheek! Quite firmly, too. And I thanked him lmao and then the photographer took the shot. As I walked away I was a tad reluctant to let go of him (I wanted to wrap him up and take him home. He’s so gorgeous) and our arms did that thing where they sort of brushed against each other as I pulled away, and he squeezed my hand before the final letting go, and yes I’m recalling every single second of this brief encounter because asdfghjkl how

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Les Miserables

this is the most intense Les Mis gif set I’ve seen to date.

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