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hey laura! i was wondering your opinions on clara. not her relationship with the doctor or anything, but her character in general. Thanks!
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Hello! :) sorry i didn’t answer this last night when you sent it, I was so tired that I knew I wouldn’t be able to write what I wanted to say properly. So I’m gonna try now:

  • I like Clara, I think she’s quite funny and I warmed to her in particular episodes of s7b, such as Hide and Rings of Akhaten…I just wish some of the other episodes had been more coherent and entertaining, so that her character could have been developed a bit more competently/consistently. 
  • She’s got this mischievous little smile/look in her eye that i adore
  • I like that she’s from Lancashire
  • I like the teensy bit of backstory we get in RoA when she’s talking about getting lost in Blackpool as a kid
  • I like that she wanted to travel but that she felt like she should stay for the Maitland kids when their mum died because of the empathy she felt for them, her own mum having also died (and that she subsequently realised that she could still fulfil her dream of travelling; she wasn’t duty bound to stay there forever, etc)
  • I don’t believe for a single second in this nonsense about her not knowing how to use the internet/wifi - she’s stated to have graduated uni; no way can you do that in the UK without grasping the ~complexities of the internet, jfc
  • I don’t like the subplot about the TARDIS hating her/trying to traumatise her. gross.
  • I love how compassionate she is, especially seen in the eps i mentioned in point one, and she sort of reminds me of Rose in that way (i mean, all the companions are compassionate, it’s kind of a prerequisite to being a good companion, but the specific way she interacts with people when she’s trying to help does seem quite Rose-like, if you get what i mean)
  • I didn’t really like how she was written in the 50th or the Christmas special.
  • Even when we (finally) got a glimpse of her family, it felt kind of odd? idk, i wasn’t a fan of those scenes and yes I KNOW, i’ve been asking to see her family for ages why can’t i just be happy, but…they were just sort of boring? and the cute silverfox dad got recast, sighhh
  • I would like Clara to tell the Doctor to stop acting like such a shitbag towards her
  • I’d also like her to have lots of hot sex with Jenny (georgia please come back to doctor who i am begging you) but that’s just in my dreams, sadly
  • anyway where was i
  • I find the entire plot of The Name of the Doctor to be ridiculous and also kind of now invalidated because of the massive paradox caused by the Doctor’s grave/tomb now not being on Trenzalore (as of the xmas special) thus meaning she can’t be there to jump in his timeline yadda yadda therefore I’m not really invested in the whole ~impossible girl saving him in every incarnation thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s awesome, but that episode doesn’t float me boat
  • I lol’d so hard when she read his name in a book, backlit and ~history of the time war and everything, and then I got so angry when her memories of the stuff in JttCotT were taken away (not to mention the fact she was burnt on the hand purely to brand a message there for the doctor, ugh)
  • umm what else
  • see i don’t know much about her?? so this seems like a much shorter answer than what I gave the other day re Martha
  • then again we’ve only had half a season with Clara so far
  • so hopefully i’ll be able to get to know her a bit more in s8 to come up with a definite opinion
  • I think Jenna’s a good actress - she’s certainly improved a lot since her Emmerdale days, lol - so I’m hoping that she continues to bring Clara to life even if the writing continues to be lacklustre next series
  • i’ll finish with this; i generally love each and every companion, but i will in all likelihood moan about some of the writing of s8 just like i did about s7. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Clara, just might mean I don’t like what they are doing to her (like I criticised Amy’s mystical pregnancy but still loved Amy, etc.)
  • p.s. bring jenny back to be her girlfriend
  • georgia is much more aesthetically pleasing than that bloke from Clara’s school that is rumoured to be her new ‘love interest’
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b a d  w o l f

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A Very Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday time to all my followers and friends here on Tumblr! I wish I could hug all of you!

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David Tennant and Catherine Tate pose for ‘Swab for Margot’ blood cancer campaign, backstage at the Barbican. (2nd Jan 2014)
Join the campaign. Become a blood donor.


David Tennant and Catherine Tate pose for ‘Swab for Margot’ blood cancer campaign, backstage at the Barbican. (2nd Jan 2014)

Join the campaign. Become a blood donor.


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The making of the day of the doctor (x)

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